Twenty thousand people who

Twenty thousand people who donate blood without compensation have these benefits

Tsinghua university is one of the highest institution of higher learning of Chinese, not only a love of one party spread hot, on November 7, once held for the first time in settled in unpaid blood donation activity, more students take an active part in tsinghua, there are more than 910 faculty members and students to participate in blood donation among the ranks of the success of blood donation, and there are 41 people still gave platelets, more than 80 people have joined the CDMP data bank and sampling, this activity reached a settled in a single record of blood donation activities.

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As early as 15 years ago, tsinghua university began to the unpaid blood donation activities, this activity lasted 15 years, through such an activity, the tsinghua university spirit of a transfer of love, no matter how many students here, and how many graduates go up, this spirit is always existed spread on campus, a high IQ of scholars but also a caring person, they spread the positive energy of love, through their own efforts to send a warm to the society, to rescue more people dedicate their love.

Because China’s large population, every day some unexpected incidents and serious diseases, and whether it is accident or serious illness, treatment is likely to be used on the means of blood resources, only by some medical units of blood storage is not enough, therefore, countries have long ago called on everyone to donate blood, so we can make blood Banks more filling, can deal with any disease of the rescue. And, in accordance with the principle of hematology, the body often the blood donation is also very good for their health, but there are still many misunderstandings about blood donation is, that we take a look at what are the health benefits of blood donation?

1. There are long-term benefits to cardiovascular health. Now people’s life level is higher, food is greasy, so it is easy to cause intravascular and lipid garbage, there are a lot of vessel wall led to the blood is sticky, and often thick blood donation can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the blood circulation, again through the water to increase the capacity of the blood, so that the blood viscous will be diluted, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health better.

2. The brain is more alert and more energetic. Because often reduces the blood vessels, blood viscosity, blood donation to speed up the circulation of the blood, make the brain more nutrients and oxygen supply is adequate, can promote the brain more sober, and people look is more energetic.

3. Male blood donation can reduce the incidence of cancer. Most of the minerals in the blood is iron, and if iron deficiency can lead to anemia, but if the iron content high adverse also to health, the iron content is too high, especially men likely to develop cancer, therefore, donating blood can reduce the body iron content, to some extent has the effect of preventing cancer.

You can make your heart healthy. To donate blood is good-hearted person, they will be positive psychology, and the blood donation will often let your heart get comfort, mood will be much more comfortable, not easy to suffer from mental illness.

Increase your body’s immunity. Regular blood donation stimulates the bone marrow to constantly produce more high-quality cells, keeping the bone marrow alive, so that the body can resist all kinds of diseases.